Texas Wildflowers 2018 Stellar Year

April 13, 2018  •  2 Comments

Bluebonnets near Chappell Hill, TexasGod Bless Texas

Today's post will be more of an update than an article as this is time sensitive.  I am exploring the blooming fields of the wildflower season. As a travel and adventure photographer, and a happy wanderer, I cannot overlook that a great time can be found in my very own back yard.   

For those of you who follow the Texas Wildflower season, this year is a CANNOT MISS. Due to weather, length of growing season, and many other factors, it can be a narrow window to view their stellar presentation.  I was at an advantage to get to shoot on a weekday as the weekends promise to be very busy. What I witnessed today was absolutely amazing. I travelled primarily the roads from Houston to Bellville and also around Brenham and Chappell Hill. 

Texas WildflowersTexas WildflowersBoots in the Bluebonnets Texas WildflowersTexas WildflowersCalf eating Bluebonnets Just a few tips to get you on your way:

  • Play your route. Here is a wonderful site I used to navigate my journey today: Bluebonnets.
  • Photographers: early morning and late afternoon will produce the best photos. 
  • Check the weather. Do not let a chance of rain keep you home! The colors can really pop after a nice shower.
  • WEAR PROPER GEAR! Texas is know to have snakes and ant beds in the fields and ditches along the country roads. BOOTS and  a lightweight long sleeve shirt to protect you from the hot Texas sun.
  • Be respectful of private property and no trespassing signs. There are plenty of safe places to take photos.





This weekend is the Chappell Hill Bluebonnet Festival 2018 if you enjoy these types of gatherings.

Drop in and enjoy the festivities, however, do not miss the less travelled beautiful roads. 

I encourage you to go out ASAP  to enjoy the multitude and variety that are still visible. 

Please drop  me a line if you have any questions about locations or shooting tips!

[email protected]

Texas WildflowersTexas WildflowersMulti-colors of Texas wildflowers

As the song goes..."God Bless Texas" !!!

To learn more about the  the photographer, Voyage Houston or click here webpage.




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Great post and beautiful flowers! I should head down that way!
Great tips! I definitely want to take this opportunity to take some good pictures of the bluebonnets. Thank you!
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