Photography from a Child's Perspective

March 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Michael"s Persective, Age 10The ride we DID NOT ride at the carnival

Let's face it, people today are the most "photographed" ever in the history of recorded images. Armed with smart phones, tablets, and the occasional "camera", people everywhere are photographing themselves.

A camera for me is more of an accessory than a tool or gadget, rarely will you find me without a camera close by......For this reason, I get excited when the children in our family asked to borrow my "camera". Here is an example of a picture taken while on a recent outing.

The picture above was taken by my grandson, Michael, age 10, who just happens to be the cute cowboy in a previous blog.

Seeing the world through their eyes is so interesting and innovative! Next time you have your phone or other recording device pointed at your children or grandchildren, hand them the camera and ask them to give it try. You will be pleasantly surprised at their perspective.


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