Fall is Here, let's go Outside

October 05, 2017  •  2 Comments

Most people I know say that fall is their favorite time of the year and I could not agree more. The air is crisp and cool, the colors are bursting, and festivals and fall sports are in full swing providing unlimited photo ops. Since I am a sports fan, in this post I will be sharing some of my favorite tips for out sports photography:

Zoom lens  Be sure to pack (or rent) your zoom lens, at least 200mm. While we can get pretty close to the playing fields, the action may be at a distance. A tripod can be handy for the large zoom lenses, but also can be cumbersome. Personal preference rules here.

Know your sport  Expertise is not a requirement, however, a general knowledge of the game will prepare you to be in the right place at the right time. Be prepared to move around for the money shots! 

Burst mode  Things are happening fast in most sport like football and soccer and you don't want to miss a thing. Review your camera's settings to be ready to switch to this mode.

Pan shots  As mentioned before, things are moving fast. This is a good time to practice techniques like panning. The blur shots add interest in fast moving sports. Choose a slow shutter speed, consider the background, track your subject, a tripod may behind, use autofocus and release the shutter as you track your subject. Tips


Sideline  What's happening off the field can be just as interesting as what's on the field. Check out the players and fans on the sideline for a unique perspective.

Prepare  Plan for annoying bugs if the sport you choose is outdoors. Carry a small can of bug repellent to stop pesky critters from running your experience. And of course, water and snacks are always tucked away in my camera backpack.

So you're not a sports fan, search for festivals and cultural events in your area. These can be most interesting and colorful.

Now get out there and enjoy some fall photo fun!

Stay tuned for a future post were I will attempt to WOW you with fall colors....



Carol Lipworth(non-registered)
Great post, Sandy. Love your shots - you really captured the feel of the game!
Janice Longoria(non-registered)
Wow! Those are great shots, Sandy! Loved the explanations, as well.
I'm looking forward to your fall color series.
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