Hurricane Harvey: Riding the Storm Out

August 28, 2017  •  3 Comments

Hurricane Harvey:

Riding the Storm Out


UPDATE: Texas continues to dig out and clean up from the wrath of Hurricane Harvey. We cannot thank you enough for many ways you have come to our rescue. As flooding continues in our great state, please consider the victims and I encourage you to assist by clicking the link below:

Help Harvey Victims

The forecasters tell us we are about half way through Tropical Storm Harvey's effects so when there was a break in the weather, we grabbed our cameras and raingear and headed out to explore. 

Some positives of us getting off the sofa (what are you binge watching?):

  • A chance to capture a catastrophic event. We talked to stranded drivers, were present while a kayaker going paddled a popular intersection, and most interestingly witnessed the 4th largest city all but come to a standstill.
  • Great time for reflection pics in the high water.
  • In our case, exploring areas usually bombarded with major traffic (we live inside the Houston loop)
  • An opportunity to help. We were on the scene for a car wreck, translated for someone needing a ride to rescue their mother and also cleaned two storm drains that were backing up the high water.

Some safety tips:

  • Keep an eye on changing weather conditions. Tropical storms are unpredictable.
  • Beware of crazy motorists. Due to high water, cars were being forced to drive both directions on a one-way highway. We witnessed a wreck not 10 feet in front of us. 
  • Don’t go it alone! Luckily my best friend and partner (in crime) is a photo bug as well. Better in pairs.

Humanity prevailed as we headed back home on foot, a truck load of young men offered us a ride as the rain had just started drizzling again. Today’s excursion will provide some great photos for my ongoing water project. 





Roberta Kayne(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing Sandra. Praying for Houston's quick recovery. I have properties there, so I'm also praying that they are not underwater.
Great post! Can't wait to see the water study!
Carol Lipworth(non-registered)
That's my friend - making lemonade out of lemons. With lots of water everywhere!
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