April Challenge for Photographers: Backyard

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When I say backyard, it can literally be YOUR backyard. For the more adventurous, put on your trainers,  or jump on a bike or in your car and start exploring. I recently took a trip to the country and discovered thousands of wildflowers blooming along the roadsides and in the fields. I was so inspired that I returned a few days later under different conditions. Check it out here

The CHALLENGE: Create a photograph of something you do not normally shoot. I would love to see what you come up with so feel free to share here.

Getting started

A great way to get inspired is to choose a theme:

  • your favorite color
  • a particular shape; round can be challenging
  • an object such as doors, flowers, old cars

Carry this theme in your mind while you are seeking your shots. I find this is a good way to jump start my creative brain, especially if the coffee has not kicked in....

Moss growing around the bricks can be eye-catching

Moss GrowsMoss GrowsGraphics in Nature


Flower PowerFlower PowerFlower Power

Sprouting Plants and Flowers

Time lapses of a bulb plant or seedlings can be very interesting.

Set up an inexpensive tripod that you leave in place. Every day or two, photograph the progress.  

This can make a very nice series of photographs for display.  

In my case, I treasure the photos I captured using this technique since I lost so many of the plants and flowers during the freezes  this past winter. 




Spring Events

Festivals, outdoor art shows, concerts provide a wonderful opportunity for action, colors, and local culture.

Check local guides or social media to see what is happening in your area. 

And, be sure to get permission to photograph someone else’s art.


Have a Party!

Invite your family or friends over for an impromptu celebration. Ask them to wear their most colorful clothes and don't forget about hats!! The gals just LOVE putting on some bling and that will add sparkle to your photographs. These ladies are wearing  Carol's designs, check them out here.

GirlfriendsGirlfriendsHave a Party


  Travel outside your usual spots

We live in a big city, however, rarely go downtown during our leisure time. What a great find when we ventured outside "our comfort zone". 


~Reflections in buildings 



~People on benches, hanging out in parks,

  strolling, sitting in cafes. 


~Shoot from a rooftop



The goal of this April Challenge for Photographers is to get inspired and to challenge yourself so you may grow as an artist. To quote one of my favorite photographers , Tom Bol of Tom Bol Photography, "Developing your creativity is a life long process.  You don’t master it, you just develop along the way.  If you want to speed up the process, go out and photograph more.  And remember, sometimes you get the most ‘creative’ shots simply because you went out to shoot.  Luck favors the prepared, but it also favors those who photograph more." Read more of Tom's blog.


Now go make some photos! Next month's challenge: Details


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